Triple Strawberry Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta Verrines and Lace Macadamia Cookies

First, I want to start by saying that I’m officially making this a very late Valentine’s Day post. I didn’t have one this year, so since this dessert is all red and pink and soft and creamy a.k.a romantic perfection, these Triple Strawberry Vanilla Bean Yogurt Panna Cotta Verrines with Lacy Macadamia Cookies (Whoa! What a mouthful!), and Strawberry White Chocolate filled Lacy Macadamia Cookies will be my official Valentine’s Day sweet treat.

That said, the things you can do with a few gelatin leaves or gelatin powder are endless.  You can turn just about anything with liquid into a gelatin meal or dessert; not that you’d want to, but you could! Jellied grits, jellied tomato juice (thoughts of aspic), jellied liquid laundry detergent, jellied motor oil.  OK, I’ll stop now.


The actual name for this luscious dessert is Panna Cotta, (which translates to cooked cream), and it’s an egg-free cream and/or milk custard stabilized with gelatin. So, eighty-six the laundry detergent gelee; panna cotta is cream gelee (I’ve also been known to call it JELLO cream) which is a good gelee, as long as it isn’t too jellied.

I know, all that jellied/gelee talk was a little annoying. Is it too obvious that I’m in the midst of sort of a writer’s block?

Triple Strawberry (Mousse, Gelee, Coulis) Vanilla Bean Yogurt Panna Cotta Parfaits and Strawberry White Chocolate Macadamia Lace Cookies

Speaking of ‘too gelee’d’ did any of you see the season of Top Chef where Marisa, a pastry chef, which is a rarity (and somewhat of a hindrance) on Top Chef, was extremely thrilled when she was finally able to make a dessert? She huffed and puffed and bragged about how she had this one in the bag etc. The dessert she had to make was, you guessed it, panna cotta! Now, I’m not a professionally trained pastry chef, but panna cotta is pretty simple to make, so I would have been chuffed too.

Well, if you saw it, you know what happened; she botched the panna cotta. It was hard and rubbery.  I felt so bad for her, as I’m sure her panna cotta is usually perfect.  The pressure of being a pastry chef, on the day they give you a dessert challenge, must have been a bit overwhelming.

Triple Strawberry (Mousse, Gelee, Coulis) Vanilla Bean Yogurt Panna Cotta Parfaits and Strawberry White Chocolate Macadamia Lace Cookies

I digress.  I couldn’t help referring to that moment since it always pops in my head at the mention of panna cotta.

The February 2011 Daring Bakers’ challenge was hosted by Mallory from A Sofa in the Kitchen. She chose to challenge everyone to make Panna Cotta from a Giada De Laurentiis recipe and Nestle Florentine Cookies.

Triple Strawberry (Mousse, Gelee, Coulis) Vanilla Bean Yogurt Panna Cotta Parfaits and Strawberry White Chocolate Florentine Cookies

I have tried Giada’s panna cotta recipe before, and felt it was a little too sweet, so I decided to take a direction I’ve been dying to take for months, especially ever since I saw THIS.  I love it; I think it looks awesome, and I love the fact that you prepare one fruit three ways along with a tangy (could be buttermilk, yogurt or creme fraiche) panna cotta.  Perfection, and I get to play! I’ve been looking for an excuse to tackle this for some time now, and here it is!

Here’s the kicker, it did not originate from Evan, although she’s pretty amazing, isn’t she? She got the idea from HERE, another gifted pastry goddess who in turn got some of her original idea from HERE.  That’s three amazingly talented and creative ladies I’m going to try and emulate. Sometimes I look at these blogs in complete awe and think ‘Why am I even blogging and photographing food? Give me the towel so I can throw it in!!’ Then I remember why I blog about food; it’s something I enjoy immensely, so I’ll hold onto that towel..for now.

Triple Strawberry (Mousse, Gelee, Coulis) Vanilla Bean Yogurt Panna Cotta Parfaits and Strawberry White Chocolate Macadamia Lace Cookies

In any event, I was so excited to make these, I even ordered 24 carat edible (food safe) gold leaf.  It’s usually pretty pricey, unless you hit ebay and catch an auction from another country, which I did.  I ended up getting 10 small sheets of edible/food-safe gold leaves from Thailand for less than half the price I would have paid in the US.  When my father, who happened to stop by just as I placed my mail on the table, saw the scruffy, international airmail envelope it was sent in, he said, “I wouldn’t open that, it could be anthrax; it looks fishy to me”.  I explained that it was gold leaves for food decoration, but he still maintained it could be anthrax and what a perfect way to disseminate it throughout the US, via gold leaves via ebay.  Okay, he was joking..well, half joking ‘cuz, hmmm, you never know.

Triple Strawberry (Mousse, Gelee, Coulis) Vanilla Bean Yogurt Panna Cotta Parfaits and Strawberry White Chocolate Macadamia Lace Cookies

Anyway, I didn’t have any cool, square verrine glasses like they used, just plastic, rectangular 4 oz cups, so I accidentally poured in way too much panna cotta, ruining the cool ‘mosaic’ thing they got goin’ on.  But, you know what? I loved making it, and I loved how it tasted; it was like excavating and dumping a huge heap of soft, creamy, jelly, saucy, tangy strawberry patch on the taste buds; a creamy strawberry gelatin sundae, so to speak. I was incredibly pleased with the outcome.

Triple Strawberry (Mousse, Gelee, Coulis) Vanilla Bean Yogurt Panna Cotta Parfaits and Strawberry White Chocolate Macadamia Lace Cookies

The corkscrew cookie on the napkin is a cocoa – black sesame florentine.  Unfortunately, that was the only one left to photograph.  I preferred the lacy macadamia cookies anyway.

I forgot to mention, I amped up the strawberry mousse with a little heat.  Little meaning that I used one ground Tepin pepper.  A Tepin  chile pepper is the cutest, little pink pepper I’ve ever seen; it’s about the size of half a pinky nail! Don’t be deceived, though, as this is one of the hottest peppers in the world.  Last year, Marx foods sent me some samples of the hottest, dried chile peppers known to man.  Well, I had a choice – mild, medium or hot,hot, hot.

Of course I had to go all the way, hoping to find ways to incorporate those dried peppers into dishes in ways where it wouldn’t singe your tongue.  I found just one, ground teeny tiny ground tepin pepper in the cool, fluffy mousse, which when combined with the cool gelee and smooth and creamy panna cotta, gives the perfect bite of heat.  No pain, no eyes watering, no premature passing, just a WOW, and a good WOW at that.

Triple Strawberry (Mousse, Gelee, Coulis) Vanilla Bean Yogurt Panna Cotta Parfaits and Strawberry White Chocolate Macadamia Lace Cookies

So, we were also asked to bake a cookie.  I suppose a cookie was integrated because there’s not one facet of panna cotta that’s baked.  I loved the idea because it provides another texture to the creamy, jelly mouthful of the verrines.  The hostess asked us to make Florentine cookies.  I decided to nix the oats for finely chopped toasted macadamia nuts, and omit the flour to achieve a more delicate, lacy look.

Ooops, I suppose it’s not a typical Florentine cookie any longer, is it? It’s now a lacy cookie!

A Florentine is simply a heartier, less delicate cousin to the lacy cookie, so I’m keeping it in the family, right?  I sandwiched them with a dried strawberry – white chocolate filling.  Yes.Yes.Yes.

Now, it’s time to give a huge shout out to my friend, Audax, who converted this recipe to US measurements for me.  He is amazing; he covered every single itty, bitty corner.  Aud, you are the best!

Homemade Strawberry Puree to use in loads of desserts like my strawberry panna cotta verrines! You can freeze it too!

Finally, since these verrines are strawberry based, every component, except the panna cotta, contains strawberry puree.  Below is a base recipe for strawberry puree.

Strawberry Puree

One 20 ounce bag (570 grams) of frozen unsweetened strawberries or 20 ounces of fresh, washed, hulled and cut up strawberries
2 Tablespoons to 1/4 cup (25 to 50 grams) granulated white sugar, or to taste
Freshly squeezed lemon juice, optional

1. Place the unsweetened frozen strawberries in a large bowl and thaw. Once thawed, put the strawberries and their juice in the bowl of a food processor or blender and process the berries until they’re pureed. If you want it completely seedless, crank through a foodmill or push through a fine wire mesh strainer after blending or processing them.

If using fresh, cut up strawberries, place in a bowl and stir in two to three tablespoons of sugar to macerate (release the juices) for about 30 minutes, then continue on as written above, although you may not need to add anymore sugar. Taste.

2. Pour the puree into a 2 cup measuring cup. You should have about 1 1/4 cups of puree. Add 2 tablespoons of the sugar to start and stir until the sugar dissolves. Taste and add more sugar if needed. Add a little lemon juice to taste.

3. If not using immediately, store covered in the refrigerator for one week. The puree can also be frozen for several months.

Triple Strawberry Vanilla Bean Yogurt Panna Cotta Verrines and Strawberry White Chocolate filled Lacy Macadamia Sandwich Cookies

Strawberry and Panna Cotta Verrines

Recipe from Evan’s KItxhen Ramblings via L’ Atelier Vi

Vanilla Bean Yogurt or Creme Fraiche Panna Cotta

3/4 cup + 1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon (200ml) (200 gm) (7 oz) heavy cream
3 tablespoons + 1 3/4 teaspoons (55 ml) (45 gm) (1.6  oz) sugar
1 vanilla bean, split and scraped
3g (0.1 oz) sheet gelatin OR 1 teaspoon powdered gelatin
2 tablespoons ice water
1/3 cup + 1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon (100 ml) (100 gm) (3 1/2 oz) plain yogurt or creme fraiche

Strawberry Gelee with Diced Strawberry
1 cup minus 1 tablespoon (225 ml) (150g) (5⅓ oz) fresh strawberries, diced
1/3 cup + 1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon (100 ml) (100g) (3½ oz) strawberry puree
2 tablespoons (30 ml) (25g) (0.9 oz) sugar
2 grams (0.07 oz) sheet gelatine (about 3/4 of a whole sheet) OR ½ teaspoon + 2 dashes powdered gelatin ( just shake the package to ‘dash’ a some out.
1 1/2 tablespoons ice water

Strawberry Mousse
1 cup minus 1 tablespoon (225 ml) (150g) (5.3 oz) strawberry puree
3 1/2 teaspoons (17 1/2 ml) (15g) (1/2 oz) sugar
3.5g (0.125 oz) gelatin sheets OR 1 teaspoon powdered gelatin
2 tablespoons ice water
1/2 cup (120 ml) (120g) (4 1/4 oz) whipping cream
1 tepin pepper or pink peppercorn, ground (optional)

Strawberry Coulis
1/3 cup + 1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon (100 ml) (100g) (3 1/2 oz) strawberry puree
4 3/4 teaspoons (23 3/4 ml) (20g) (0.7 oz) sugar

1. In a small saucepan, cook the heavy cream, sugar and vanilla bean until it comes to a boil. In the meantime, soak the gelatin in ice water. When the cream has come to a boil, remove the pan from the heat and add the softened gelatin. Whisk to dissolve it. Sift into a clean bowl, discarding solids, and let it cool to about body temperature. Add the yogurt or creme fraiche, and whisk well.

2. Pour the panna cotta into glasses or cups (I used THESE) to about 1/3 of the height and let it set in the refrigerator on the bias (tilted) using an egg carton like you see in the above photo collage, about 2 hours.

1. Warm half of the strawberry puree with the sugar in a medium saucepan over low heat. Soak the sheet or powdered gelatine in ice water. Remove saucepan from heat once sugar completely dissolved.

2. Add the softened gelatin to the warm strawberry puree. Add the rest of the puree and diced strawberries and mix well. Let it cool to room temperature then spoon the mixture on top of the chilled yogurt panna cotta to about 2/3 of the height of the glasses/cups. Let it set in the refrigerator, upright, about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

FOR THE STRAWBERRY MOUSSE: (any left over? Make a Strawberry Mousse cake with some candid rhubarb!)
1. Warm half of the strawberry purée with the sugar in a medium saucepan over low heat. Soak the gelatin leaf in ice water or combine the powdered gelatin with about 1 tablespoon of cold water. In both instances, let sit until softened (the powdered gelatin will dissolve and turn into a soft lump of clear jelly). If using leaf gelatin, when ready, pull it out of the water and squeeze out as much excess water as you can. If using powdered gelatin, just dump the whole softened lump of jelly in as is. Remove the saucepan from heat and add either softened gelatin to the warm puree and stir until completely dissolved. Add the rest of the puree; stir to combine then let it cool to room temperature.

2. In a mixing bowl, whisk the heavy cream until soft peaks then using a rubber spatula, fold the whipped cream into the cooled puree base until fully incorporated (no more white streak). Pour this mousse on top of the strawberry gelee, smooth it out using the back of a spoon or offset spatula, and let it set in the refrigerator, upright, about 1 hour

1. Warm half of the strawberry puree with the sugar in a medium saucepan over low heat. Remove saucepan from heat once sugar is completely dissolved. Add the rest of the puree; stir to combine, then let it cool to room temperature. Pour it on top of the strawberry mousse layer, swirling the cup until it covers the mousse completely.

2. Top verrines with whole, halved or diced strawberries, a florentine or lacy cookie, and gold leaf, if you have on hand.

NOTE – I think I would prefer to switch the coulis with the diced strawberry gelatin, meaning place the coulis within the verrine and the diced strawberry gelatin on top, so you seal the verrines. Next time, for sure!

Toasted Lacy Macadamia Cookies with Strawberry White Chocolate Filling
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Yield: 50 single cookies and about 2 dozen sandwich cookies
Lacy Cookies
  • 4 ounces unsalted butter, melted
  • 5 ounces whole salted macadamia nuts, toasted, then finely chopped
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 large egg, lightly beaten
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • ½ teaspoon table salt
White Chocolate - Strawberry Filling
For the Cookies
  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Line two or three large baking sheets with silpats or parchment paper.
  2. In a medium bowl, combine the finely chopped, toasted macadamia nuts (I pulse them in a food processor to get them finely chopped), the sugar, egg, salt and vanilla extract. Stir until blended, then slowly pour in the melted butter while stirring, until blended into a batter.
  3. Drop the batter by slightly heaping teaspoonfuls about 3 inches apart, on the prepared baking sheets. Bake until the cookies are golden brown, 6 to 8 minutes. Let the cookies cool on the sheets on racks for 5 minutes before transferring them to racks to cool completely. Repeat with the remaining batter after the sheets have cooled.
  4. Spread the underside of half of the cooled cookies with about a scant teaspoon of the white chocolate - strawberry filling (below), and sandwich with the other half of the cooled cookies, underside down. If using some of the cookies for the verrines above, partially curl those cookies around a wooden spoon handle when they're still warm, then let set and remove from handle.
For the White Chocolate Strawberry Filling
  1. Place white chocolate in a bowl over a simmering pot of water and let melt, stirring so it doesn't burn (alternatively, you can use the microwave). Stir in the strawberry powder and teeny, tiny pinch of salt, until uniform. Let cool, then spread on underside of half the cookies and sandwich with the other half of the cookies, top side up.

To get the challenge recipe for the florentine cookie, click HERE. To get the challenge panna cotta, click HERE

Perfectly toasty and delicious macadamia lace cookies filled with a whipped white chocolate strawberry ganache. It's like biting into heaven! They delicately shatter, then melt in your mouth! Easy to make too! #macadamialacecookies #macadamia #strawberry #whitechocolate #ganache #sandwichcookies #cookiesandwiches

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  1. Dan says:

    Once again you have outdone yourself. Your desserts look delicious and your photos are stunning. Well done please tell me where I can taste your food?

  2. I’m just running out of compliments and wow words to describe your creations each month! I love the layered components, but just didn’t have the energy to be that creative this month. Your addition of petrin pepper is very intriguing, and much more daring than my basil. Fabulous work, darling 😉 and a belated Happy Valentine’s Day.

  3. Shelley C says:

    Amazingly done, beautifully photographed, and always fun to read. I never would have thought to add hot pepper to panna cotta, but it sounds so intriguing! And macadamia nuts for the florentines sounds delicious!! Man, what I wouldn’t give to live next door and be your taste-tester… 🙂 Love your work, as always. 🙂

  4. Rosa says:

    What a fantastic take on the recipes! I really love your panna cotta. So delightful. So fresh.



  5. Valerie says:

    Wow, your panna cotta verrines are the picture of perfection! Beautiful! And the Florentines look so delicate, I love the adaptations you made. However, I am perplexed: I also used ganache to sandwich my cookies, and it was a disaster, the cookies, which were crunchy and crisp to begin with, turned all mushy overnight. I thought it was because of the ganache, but you pulled it off… *tilts head*

  6. Laura says:

    BRAVA! You did an amazing job! I wasn’t too happy with my result, done too fast and the florentine cookies didn’t work at all.

  7. MandyM says:

    Stunning! The strawberries 3 ways is just fantastic. It looks great and I can imagine it tasted great too. Nice on Lisa!

    Really love the decadent bit of gold leaf 😀 This dessert really is something elegant so forking out for some gold leaf is so worth it.

    Stunning presentation overall 🙂 You rocked this challenge!

  8. Suzanne says:

    So creative and gorgeous!! I would love to have a bite of one of those, great job on the challenge.

  9. Renata says:

    Had so much fun reading your post. I’m impressed with your Panna Cotta, it looks professional! Macadamia Florentines sound delicious and the hottest pepper on earth in a Panna Cotta was DARING!!! What a wonderful job you did this month! Hats off to you!

  10. Suz says:

    That sounds like strawberry heaven. Absolutely exquisite! Love the addition of pepper too. I can’t stop imagining how good it must have tasted.

    The anthrax bit made me laugh. 🙂

  11. chef_d says:

    Wow!! Your version of panna cotta looks so pretty! I’m getting intrigued by the kick of the tepin chili that you put in there. Strawberries and chili are both aphrodisiac food and are perfect for valentine 🙂

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    Good gawd, woman, that is fantabulous. But, really, no one comes here expecting anything less. Beeeeautiful.

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    Really beautiful layers!! The cookies were so fun looking. I love the glasses you presented them in. I could see how creamy and dreamy your panna cotta was. Yummmmm!

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    Never, never, never question why you do this! What you do is always amazing and wonderful and most of all inspires mediocre ones like me!This pannacotta and the florentines are brilliant!

  16. Mary says:

    That looks so amazing that I can almost taste the strawberries and cream! Wonderful stuff, and glad to hear there was no anthrax, flu or major catastrophes involved this time around.

  17. 5 Star Foodie says:

    So gorgeous, really a work of art!

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    Wow! I would love to be in your kitchen…I could learn so much. Your posts are always inspiration for my further attempts. Thanks!

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    Your panna cottas are like little works of art! So beautiful and perfect. You did a fantastic job on the challenge. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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    The use of chili, especially with a strawberry dessert, was interesting. Would certainly be a WOW surprise if you weren’t expecting it 🙂

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    This looks amazing!! I have never tried panna cotta before, it looks delicious!

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    I absolutely LOVE Panna Cotta so why oh why did you make me start thinking of laundrey detergent panna cotta? Well, I got the point and now I can see that the possibilities are endless! But your gorgeous, stunning panna cotta have me dreaming and in utter awe! Now I must go back to the drawing board and try something just as fabulous and sexy! Wow you do outdo yourself (or outdo ME?) every time. Just gorgeous. Now you have me totally inspired! Yay! So, when did you say you were coming to visit?

  24. ferji425 says:

    Gorgeous job on this challenge! Thanks for posting the pic on how you got the design. I was wondering how you guys did it =)

  25. ente says:

    after a long hiatus from your blog (all of my own doing)…I return to find you featuring my favorite dessert. Your pictures are so vivid I can almost taste the creamy wonderfulness. Can’t wait to try this recipe.

  26. Juliana says:

    Lisa, this is so cute and pretty, love the way you made the lines…and strawberries are just great in this panna cotta. Absolutely perfect! Great pictures as always!

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    Wow! Absolutely stunning! And they sound delicious as well. What a cool idea to add some spice with those tiny peppers. Very cool.

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    I actually think I would be happy just to drink your strawberry puree:) Your overhead shot of the partially eaten panna cotta looks amazing! Oh, I just want to dive in and try it. Love the geometric design too. Your florentines look about as thin as they can be without crumbling…you just have the knack! Too bad they got mushy because they sure look pretty with the pink strawberry ganache:) Bravo, Lisa!

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    Yours Audax.

  31. shaz says:

    Lisa, you always go the extra mile. They look gorgeous! (And those blogs you mentioned, okaaaay, where’s my towel? ;P) I had a little chuckle about your dad, it sounds like exactly something my mother would say. Again, hats off to you for another fabulous, fabulous challenge.

  32. Gorgeous! As always, you take things to the next level. Great flavors and beautiful presentation.

  33. Lisa , u have totally outdone ur self truly !
    ANd beautifully so , i loveee checking out all ur DB posts coz they are supremely creative and stunning too!
    happy sunshine my fren!

  34. Simona says:

    You’ve certainly been inspired by the challenge. The combination of colors and textures in your glasses is fantastic. Beautiful job!

  35. Simone says:

    O that looks so awesome Lisa! Wow… I totally love pannacotta… Really really do and I’ve been making it countless times with my favorite being one with buttermilk (less creamy and a little ‘fresher’… That said; how can you possibly mess up a pannacotta when you’re supposed to be on Topchef??? It must be one of the easiest of desserts out there! I do love your mosaic thingie which does not seem to be ruined at all… And I didn’t even notice the cups where plastic either… 🙂

  36. Lisa I knew you’d produce an absolute beauty and you have! Absolutely so gorgeous, this would look right at home on a high end restaurant table or in a beautiful shop window! 😀

  37. Chef Dennis says:

    you are truly an artist, what an incredible dessert!!! You should be working at a 5 star restaurant making your creations!!
    Hope all is well in your world my friend

  38. This is probably the most beautiful thing I’ve seen accomplished with strawberries … ever! Absolutely gorgeous!

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    Lisa, you’ve done it again! Don’t you dare throw in the towel with blogging!! I really enjoy reading your posts, especially the DB ones. You may not be trained but your dessert looks gorgeous, very professional.

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    *kisses* HH

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    Very nice!! Looks delicious too!

  43. Liz says:

    You win!!! This is the prettiest of all the Daring Bakers’ entries this month…beautiful!!!

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    I am happy you added this dessert. Is simply marvellous and time for strawberries is very close.
    Thanks a lot.

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    I can’t believe how delicious your panna cotta looks, the pictures look mouthwatering! I would love to try some of this!

  48. They look fantastic! So professional.

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    I can’t believe those are plastic cups. The first thing I said to myself when I looked at the photo was “love the glasses”. I guess I’m a cheap date! Anyway, your layers are fabulous and love that you used hot pepper with the strawberries. Beautiful job!
    Best- Sandie

  51. Lisa Michele!
    I have missed your posts… you are getting a little too infrequent, don’t you think? But, I understand. You put your heart and soul in each one. I looked at all the others (thank you for the into to 2 lovely blogs I didn’t know about) and YOURS IS by FAR the best and most pretty. Panna cotta is NOT that easy. I KNOW it should be. Why doesn’t it work for me????
    I have book marked this post and will try it again… and then maybe much latter tackle the dishsoap gelee!!!

  52. Lori says:

    Strawberry… swoon, gelee. Like so much better than laundry detergent gelee… You crack me up. Make it French sounding and it must be good. Ew, thoughts of aspic, gag me with a spoon. Ewww!

    Now your gelee…. awesome, it looks divine.You always rock girl!

  53. This is such a gorgeous dessert! I love strawberries, and I want to dig into all of these layers. The gold leaf is a lovely touch too. Beautiful job with the challenge!

  54. Amy says:

    Awesome! I love creative plating. Great work.

  55. Lea says:

    First of all, your photographs are beautiful.
    Further: You’re panna cotta is amazing! Beautifully arranged, great colors, just great layering!
    Your florentine cookies look very special. Extremely thin! They must have been very crispy, yummy :)!
    I definitely will do the florentine cookies again.

    Greetings, Lea

  56. FOODESSA says:

    Although, I’m really not a panna cotta fan…I just had to come and visit you. I knew you were going to blow this challenge out of the water like you always do.
    Lisa, you are a true ‘Foodie’ gem ;o)
    Everything looks so precious.

    Ciao for now,

  57. AvocadoPesto says:

    wow that looks absolutely fantastic! Great job!

  58. Sara says:

    Hi Lisa, Will you please tell me where I can find the plastic square containers you used for your panna cotta. I already have thought of several uses for them, I just need to know where to get them.
    Thank you,

  59. Farida says:

    Great recipe and that look fresh strawberries so I seem to want as soon as possible to make it. Thanks for share.


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    Just wondering what the yield for this recipe is. Looks so yummy!

    • Lisa says:

      Hi, entirely depends on the size glasses or plastic cups you use and the amount of each ingredient poured into each cup. I once made two 16 ounce verrines, but have also made four 8 ounce verrines, 6 four ounce verrines, and eight 2 ounce ‘amuse bouche’ sizes. It’s sort of like those colored sand sculptures..your own ‘artistic’ creativity and license with the layers will determine the amounts in the end. I know…this one is not an ‘exact’. 🙂

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    Luv your blog……………………

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